Massage Sessions

30 Minutes $40*

Allows for focus on one area such as neck, back, or feet.

60 Minutes $70*

Ideal for a full body or focus on a few problematic areas.

90 Minutes $100*

Allows for full body, with focus on a few problematic areas.

*plus tax. If you have a physician's order for massage, you will be exempt from paying sales tax.

Individually Designed

Personalized and flexible massages sessions tailored to your unique needs. My rates are solely based on the length of the session, not on specific techniques or methods applied.


Enhance your massage experience with my complimentary integration options.

Bamboo Massage: Experience the soothing warmth of bamboo sticks combined with the techniques of Swedish Massage, providing a medium to firm pressure.

Cupping Therapy: Improve tissue glide, movement, and circulation as our cups decompress fascial and soft tissue layers. They may glide over your skin or be strategically placed using static suction.